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Even If I did swing my wedge as hard as I swing my driver, the fact that my wedge shaft is only 31.5″ long, will cause me to see a 15% 25% decrease in club head speed. It has to do with the fact that my swing arch radius is decreased. This is true for all of my clubs.

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Our country finds itself in a unique position. A mostly untapped market, a first world nation, and one that has just recently put a first tier professional league in place in the 1 Canadian Premier League. There literally are no comparisons globally of an equivalent country when it comes to the game of soccer..

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I shudder to think at all the musical masterpieces that have been swept up into the dustbin of creativity by the overly self critical artist. Harshly critiquing your work is almost never the way to bring out the best music in you. Writing great music takes time, practice and quite likely, lots of misses before the ‘hits’ start to flow..

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Signs and symptoms of alzheimer’s disease include progressive memory loss, loss of balance, poor coordination, muscle stiffness, joint aches and persistent pain. Primary symptoms are loss of recent memory. Such as not being able to remember where articles are placed.

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Initially, it may sound strange that people would be interested in lamps made of salt. But it is what occurs when a salt lamp is turned on that is truly a remarkable wonder of nature. As we all know, salt naturally attracts and absorbs water, and of course, the salt of a salt lamp is no different.

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